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   Glimpses Folk Paintings

The paintings were made in 70’s and 80’s when folk art was not so well known. It was limited to the wall and floor in villagers. Not much printed material was available at that time. I saw them at site and roughly copied them on paper. Then I made a final painting in my leisure time. I was thus able to bring the real and genuine folk style, particular to the area, picked up straight from the site-the wall, floor or the pujaghar and sometimes from printed material. The current show of paintings gives a real feel of genuine folk art and culture of the area.

Vedic Concept: Vedic religion is a blueprint of creation ie ksristi. It shows the start of cosmic order.Galaxy, stars,sun, planets, seasons etc.all follow a cosmic order. Basis of this order is satya. They present to us the purpose of human existence and go on to the details of good thoughts, good deeds and acquisition of knowledge ie gyan.  Beginning of time
Indra and Vrata
Oum the concept of Time
Bramhand the physical universe
Five tattvas
Purush and Prithvi
Three gunas
Jeevan chakra
Attainment of moksha
Dharam chakra
The Atainment
 Ritu chakra:The orderliness or the  rhythm of the universe set by the Supreme Reality is called Rta. One manifestation of this  rta is the seasons or ritu. The change of  seasons is regarded by all as something more than a phenomenon of nature. It is an occasion to rejoice.

Rama :He was Vishnu’s seventh avatar. He came into the world to quell the powerful demon King, Ravana. The story of Rama and his wife Sita is the main theme of a major epic called Ramayana.   Marriage
 Sita and Hanuman
 Rama Ravana Yuddha
 Rama Ravana Yuddha
 Sita's agnipariksha
 Rama,Sita,Lakshman and   Hanuman

 Krishna: He was the eighth avatar. He came to the earth to destroy Kansa,  a demon king. As a child he performed unusual feats of strength. In his youth he had many girls as friends the most important being Radha.   Birth
 Krishna and Yashoda
 Krishna playing with gopis
 Krishna leaving Vrindavana
 Krishna and Udhava
 Krishna and Sudama
Buddha : The ninth avatar of Vishnu is Gautama, the Buddha. Seeing the suffering around him he saw it as mainly due to ignorance. His life was therefore devoted to fight against ignorance.    Buddha at Sujata's palace
 Buddha in Kapilavastu
 Buddha gives solace 

 Radha Krishna.Krishna's childhood and his romance with Radha and other village belles in Vrindabana is one of the favourite subjects of Indian artists and poets.
   Gujarati style
Maharashtri style
Odissi style
Tanjavore style
,Madhubani style
Animal world : have found a place in all ancient religions. Exceptional powers have been attributed to them and they are normally shown as composite animals. (white horse).  Matsya
Brahma Asvastta
Airavat and kamal
 Nritya : or dance:is considered a form of worship. It is a way to invoke God at a ritual of worship in a temple to accept our prayer Dance is also an expression of any joy eg dance at a marriage, festive occasion like holi or the colour festival or at harvest time when all participate.    Nataraj Siva
Siva Parvati
Dancing Krishna with Radha
Krishna with Radha and gopis
Sringar or make-up
  Alpana : are floor designs: many vedic symbols are used in making out these designs. Some of these are considered auspicious to an occasion and are thus associated with a story or a myth.These designs are mostly  done on mud wall or floor of huts in villages.  
 Decorative alpana
Ritual alpana
  Village life : India is a country of villages. A  well, a house under construction, women separating grain  from chaff, young girls adorning their palms with henna, a religious gathering and departure of a young bride to her in-laws place are typical village scenes..  Palki
Village life


Trimurti : Indian mythology speaks of three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Siva responsible for creation, preservation and destruction.

Trimurti myth


Bramha : He is   the first among the triad and all knowledge, arts, architecture, vedas, etc is attributed to him.  Bramha
Bramha myth
Vishnu : He is the preserver and provider Whenever there is disorder in the universe, Vishnu comes to the earth  as an avatar to save it from disorder.  Vishnu
Vishu narain
Vishnu with Sri and Lakshmi
Matsya avatar
Kurma avatar
Varah avatar
Narsimha avatar
Siva : Also known as Mahesh. He has  the power to destroy and recreate the universe.  Siva and Parvati
Siva Panchmukhi
Siva Kalyanasunder
Siva making bhang
Siva Bhutesvara
Siva Ardhanarisvara
Devi or Female deities:
The consorts of Hindu triad are also to be found in a corresponding female triad. These are Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati.
 Santan Lakshmi

Ganesha :  He is one of the most popular deities. As the remover of obstacles, he is invoked at the start of a new project. He is the god of wisdom and prudence, an able chronicler and is learned in scriptures. Ganesha
 Ganesha Panchmukhi
 Ganesha with Riddhi
 Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi
 Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi
 Ganesha and Lakshmi
 Dancing Ganesha
 Ganesha writing Mahabharat

Hanuman : Hanuman is a monkey god widely venerated throughout India. He is one of the principle characters of the Hindu epic Ramayana. Hanuman