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          Vishnu's eighth incarnation Krishna has generated many legends and tales, far more than any other character in Indian mythology. He came on to the earth to destroy Kansa a demon king of Mathura. As a child he performed great feats of strength much to the astonishment of his simple mother and others. As a youth, like anyone at that age, he dallied with Radha and other village belles. When he grew up as a man he achieved that  for which he was born, ie vanquishing Kana. In his middle age he became the ruler of Dwarka and took active part in the  Mahabharata war, acting as Arjuna's charioteer and pronouncing his great teachings on the subjects of gyan, dharma and bhakti ie knowledge and righteousness, duty and submission of self to the Supreme Being. Krishna's childhood and his romance with Radha and other village belles in Vrindabana is one of the favourite subjects of Indian artists and poets.