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Animal Kingdom

          Animals and  birds have a life of their own in folk art. The depiction of elephant, lion, bull, horse, monkey, peacock and duck provides a glorious example of artistic naturalism based on direct observation of life.

           Animal figures are one of the earliest motifs found on cave paintings.  They are mostly seen in hunting scenesand they dominate in rock paintings. If they have any religious significanceit is not clear. Only those animals that are associated with religious symbols can be accepted as religious. At a number of places peacock, bull, and fish are attached to religious figures

           In Hindu mythology fish, tortoise, boar, lion (narasimha) are supposed to be the earliest incarnations of Vishnu. The worship of they became part of the Hindu religion. There are certain animals and birds which are supposed to be the vehicles of deities. These animals symbolised them and were worshipped. In Indian art. fish, elephant and lion are used as decorative motifs.