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Ritu Chakra

 Grishma Sharad  Shishir  Hemant  Vasant  Varsha

            The orderliness or rhythm of the universe set by the Supreme Reality is called Rta. One manifestation of this  rta is the seasons or ritu. People  welcome  the cycle of seasons. The change of  seasons is something more than a phenomenon of nature.    Each season  is welcomed with celebrations and myraid festivities. This is more so in villages. For instance, there are rituals to celebrate the onset of the agricultural cycle.  The advent of winter, spring as also rainy season is celebrated with songs, dances and rituals. But nowhere is this rhythm manifest, both in intensity and in magnitude, as in the 'colour scheme' of prakriti or nature itself. This has been the subject of both western and oriental poets and artists. In each season nature is a symphony of colours. The set of paintings which follow is an artist's perception of change in colours, both harsh and soft colours, and emergence of varying dominant colours of prakriti in different ritu.