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About Us


              The art team is headed by Dr. Sudha Satyawadi, an artist and researcher on folk art  traveled widely in India and abroad. She has worked in this area for the past 50 years and has authored several papers on art related topics. She has also published three books on Idian art and culture, and has held many exhibitions of her paintings on traditional, tribal art and, ritual art of India.. She is a core member of Udayan Public Empowerment Trust, that has many traditional artists and master craftsmen from villages of India who themselves come from families that have been in this profession for generations. More importantly, these artists have thus been able to preserve such art till today. 

Her passion for folk art got an opportunity to ripen when she got married with a Indian Railways officer and travelled the length and breadth of India. Her education –Masters in Fine Arts and Doctorate in Art History has helped her in preparing this site. She travelled widely and was able to meet a variety of rural artists all over India and  centers of folk art. This helped her in collecting quite some ideas and, her talk with locals taught her a lot about the subject-the material used and the folklore associated with each painting. This has padded up the content of her three books on art. 

Her first exhibition on folk art was in New Delhi at the AIFACS Hall. After that, She have made presentations and delivered lectures in a number of universities and museums and exhibited her work in US, Africa and Australia. At her Delhi exhibitions, many village artists joined her in the show.