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Folk Paintings 

         Folk art in villages of India has existed since time immemorial. This art was executed in a wide range of styles with multiple themes in a symphony of colours. It is enriched with a variety of dresses and ornaments, local variations of myths and even Hindu religion and local deities.
Vedas  are the source of all arts in India. Vedic concepts  found a place in folk art through the use of Vedic symbols. When natural powers were deified and given human form in Hindu religion the whole essence of Vedic philosophy got shape in it.  The essence of religion has been beautifully brought out through folk art of India. And folk art has become a medium through which lessons on life are brought out in a simple manner. Numerous situations a person faces in life, both happy ones and otherwise. Then the lives of gods become a source of encouragement and peace to the people. Those are taken as examples and absorbed in our life. They contain solutions to human problems, focus on the necessity of patience, love and affection, need to be grateful to God for all that He has given us and so on. That is why Hindu religion is said to be a way of life.  This exhibition is a mixed collection of such symbols and motifs in folk art.The deep philosophy of ancient scriptures had to reach the simple villager and remain perpetuated there. Therefore, our elders prescribed rituals, composed motifs and symbols, and wrapped them up in mythology. This gave it permanency. Its repetitive nature and in some extent isolation, are mainly responsible for the continuity of a particular style till today.