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Vedic Concept

Paintings presented here are the essence of Vedic phylosophy found in ancient scriptures of India through popular sybmols and icons common in villages. The concept of creation as contained in the Vedas developed over time in other scriptures such as Upanishads, Brahmanas, Vedant, Bhagwat Gita etc.

Vedas is a collection of verses.  These were composed by seers and poets. They are regarded as expression of wisdom acquired by seers in their quest for knowledge on Brahma ie. the ultimate reality and shristi ie creation. Vedas constitute a blueprint of creation. Starting from Brahma, the ultimate and Supreme Reality and architect of the universe, he is also the starter of cosmic order, Vedic philosophy covers a wide spectrum of subjects: from the broad purpose of human existence to the details of good thoughts and good deeds.