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      Udayan Public Empowerment Trust, also known as ‘Folklore Society’ is a non-profit organization was instituted in 2005 for upliftment of rural artisans of India. It is working for traditional art and culture that has made great contribution in building up cultural heritage of India.
The primary mission of this Trust is three fold:

         - search for folk art talent in India and abroad and give the artists exposure and a  platform in world,
      create a repository of folklore, myths and legends, evolution of art techniques, choice of material, variation  in  designs over time.

      -  bring closer the creator, researchers and patrons of arts.

          Udayan's focus is to provide artisans a platform. This art is created by master craftsmen spread across villages in India who have also helped its survival through ravages of time. Such folk paintings and articles, besides being a visual delight, connect the present to ancient designs, myths and superstitions. This art is now dying. It needs global patronage for survival in the present times of shift to commercially profitable avenues.       

Indian Culture and Folk Paintings

The Band

Glimpses of Folk Paintings
 Harappan Art &Craft
Home Art

Ajanta Cave Temples  
Glorious Ellora Caves  

Miniature Paintings